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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #131

Robert Margulski alerted me to this post by Ralph Chapman on December 7, 
1999, which I quote in its entirety:

"A new paper just came in describing a new theropod from the
Santana fm. of NE Brazil.

"The ref is:

"Kellner, A.W.A. 1999. Short note on a new dinosaur (Theropoda, 
Coelurosauria) from the Santana Formation (Romualdo Member, Albian), 
Northeastern brazil. Boletim do Museu Nacional (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil), N.S. 
No. 49: 8 p.

"The new beast is Santanaraptor placidus and is based mostly
on bones from the rear end and suggests may be
maniraptoriform coelurosaur. there is more material to be
prep'd out, so relationships may get cleared up some. Has a
big obturator notch and a few other apomorphies.

"Hope more material becomes available.

"Ralph Chapman, NMNH"

and there is a further post by Tom Holtz on December 10, 1999:

"Santanaraptor is housed in the Museu Nacional, Universidade Federal do Rio
de Janeiro.  The specimen number is MN 4802-V.  This is the same specimen
with soft tissue preservation previously mentioned by Kellner in his 1996
paper in Nature (379:32).

"Santanaraptor is much smaller than the Santana 'oviraptorosaur': however,
because the specimens do not overlap in terms of material, it cannot be
resolved if they are the same taxon.  Futhermore, Kellner reports that
additional specimens of theropods larger than Santanaraptor are known and
awaiting description."

No thanks to AOL, whose erratic server failed to place these interesting and 
important missives into my mailbox (while letting all kinds of porno and 
sales-pitch emails through). So we belatedly add as genus #876 to the 
Dinosaur Genera List:

Santanaraptor Kellner, 1999

and to the South American dinosaur species list (available by email request 
from me or downloadable from somewhere at the Dinosauricon website 

Santanaraptor Kellner, 1999
    S. placidus Kellner, 1999?