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Re: Jurassic Park 3

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Here is a mini interview about JP3 from Film listings by Corona- Leo
January 18, 2000... Dark Horizons broke the story first yesterday but
we're going to report about it today. The Danish newspaper Politikken
recently conducted an interview with Jurassic Park 3 director Joe
Johnston for the occasion of the premiere of his film October Sky at
the Venice Film Festival back in 1999. The Politikken interview ran on
the 7th of this month, and it featured some insight as to what we can
expect to see in the next JP movie...

Johnson: "I am very happy for this assignment...There will be alot of
special effects, but most important to me would be the story. The
story is the key to a good movie. Steven Spielberg has given me 'carte
blanche'. He has said that I shall make my own movie, all though the
plot in the movie is based on the idea by Steven. He has strongly
pointed out that I shouldn't try to copy him. Since our collaboration
with the Indiana Jones trilogy, we have talked about a joined
project...I loved the two first movies and all though the audience
will compare my movie with Steven Spielberg's, it doesn't scare me at
all. I cannot disclose the plot yet. We are so to speak still in the
'development phase', [at that time in the summer of 1999], but there
will be new characters and new dinosaurs. We want to create a feeling
of something exceptional, as we know from the first two movies. A sort
of returning to the first one. Maybe there will be two characters we
already know from the two first [movies], but in the end rather
unknown characters will appear."

Question: Jurassic Park is considered as a milestone in special
effects. Will the third one be the same?

Johnson: "Since Jurassic Park and The Lost World, the evolution within
FX has gone fast, and I will of course use a lot of the new techniques
that has been invented in the latest Star Wars Episode I. I see for me
a lot of flying reptiles. I look forward to start filming. The budget
is set to be 83 million dollars."

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