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Re: paleoart

I've been dying to answer this one for a while now, so I will:  The web is
actually a very good place to start with your palaeoart.  Distribute
yourself around several other sites (I saw your stuff on the Dinosauricon so
I see you're doing that already), get your palaeoart web page on an art or
palaeo related webring and start plugging.  In the real world, attend talks
and events with mini portfolio in hand and always ask people in the know for
comments/criticisms.  Betty and David are absolutely right - this business
pays worse than Nurse's salaries in the beggining, but don't let that put
you off.

Lastly, as David said:

> Putting lips on Igaunodons pays well though.<

so too do imperfections - scabs, bruises, scars, bald patches, albinism, mud
spatters and signs of fracture to name but a few - sometimes in our quest to
draw the perfect dinosaur we do exactly that.

Sam Barnett