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Re: PALEONEWS:High-flying dinosaur's wings clipped


SMH-Australian:  High-flying dinosaur's wings clipped
more on the Archeoraptor mess

It's the exact same article that was published in Britain's _Guardian_.

It states: "Until that point, the most widespread theory was that birds evolved separately from and parallel to dinosaurs, from a common reptilian ancestor that roamed the earth over 250m years ago. These
were small lizard-like animals that climbed trees and evolved feathers specifically for flight. A contradictory theory had emerged, according to which birds were direct descendants of larger, upright dinosaurs such as the velociraptors in the Spielberg film, but the Chinese fossils were the first real challenge to the orthodox view."

It was? Silly me, I thought somebody called John Ostrom offered a pretty good challenge 30 years ago. I had no idea that the notion of a theropod ancestry for birds was so unorthodox. Thank goodness I have the press to set me straight.

As Arthur Daley's nemesis, Detective Sergeant Chisholm, once said, the only thing I believe in a newspaper is the date.

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