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Re: How to be a paleontologist

In a message dated 2/8/00 1:48:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
znc14@TTACS.TTU.EDU writes:

>          So, the important thing to rememeber is that you can "try harder,"
>  and it will work for some people. But if it doesn't work for YOU, then take
>  Sherry's advice. Don't get down on yourself, you aren't stupid. Heck, even
>  if you were, that doesn't mean you couldn't be involved in paleontology.
A reality check once in a while in a student's pursuit of a career in 
paleontology might be useful.  Unless science is one's strongest subject,
the education process is going to be more trying than try harder.  

All individuals don't have the same IQ, learning abilities and talents.  We
are not all geniuses, despite the proliferation of "my child is an honor 
student at..." bumper stickers.  The majority of dinosaur enthusiasts
is not going to be able to get a Ph.D. in paleontology, no matter how
strongly they wish it to be so.   Even with that degree, the competition
is fierce for the available jobs (see Chris Brochu's comments at our
So You Want to be a Paleontologist site at:
http://www.cisab.indiana.edu/~mrowe/dinosaur-FAQ.html), and the
short lists do not contain the names of average students, great
personality or not.  If it were that easy, we would all be doctors,
lawyers, artists and paleontologists.