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Re: Serration variation

Well, from what I know, serrations on therepod teeth can be highly
variable, even diagnostic to a point (ie, serrations on T rex teeth not
the same as those on Carcharodontosaurus) . There are species with
along one tooth edge and species with serrations along both tooth edges.
I think there was a study done where different types of therepod teeth
were actually put to raw meat to test their cutting ability.  Also I know
there is a theory that there were pits between serratiosn (atleast in some
species) where bacteria may have proliferated, giving an infectious bite.  

If I'm wrong on any of this, please someone corrrect me.


On Wed, 9 Feb 2000, Larry Dunn wrote:

> Is there much variation among the serrations on
> theropod teeth?  (From tooth to tooth, or from species
> to species.) Or are serrations serrations?  If there
> is variation, why?
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