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RE: Saltosaurus

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>Hi Everyone,

>Can anyone give me any information on Saltosaurus?

>Thanks in advance,

Sorry about joining this thread so late, but my computer has been out of
bussiness for a few days...
The name should be Saltasaurus, being named after the province of Salta in
northwest Argentina, where it was found at the locality of El Brete, south
of the province.
It was a late Cretaceous titanosaur about 30 ft (10 m) long, and its back
and sides were covered by osicles about 1 cm in diameter closely grouped,
and widely spaced osteoderms up to 10 cm diameter in its back. no complete
skeletons have been found so far, but the partial remains of several had
permitted to identify three different species: S. loricatus (about 6
incomplete specimens), S. australis (10 individuals or more) and S. robustus
(vertebrae and limb bones from possibly three animals).
It has also been found in Rio Negro (south of Argentina) and Uruguay.

My two cents...