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Re: *Oviraptor*

James Headden wrote:
<<  In as much as the evidence seems to favor a particular conclusion, I 
consider it fairly likely. Hopp and Orsen, as an abstract in the latest 
Dinofest symposium volume, describe the potential for arm-bearing integument 
to close the space between arm
and trunk, as suggested by Norell et al. (1995), and further recapitualted in 
Chiappe et al. (1999). This seems to be a well-supported hypothesis, but 
testing would need to be done to detirmine the true likelyhood of this 
possibility, and is memory serves, Hopp and Orsen are working on that; right, 
Tom? >>

Thanks for the plug, James, and yes, we are still working on the concept. We 
submitted a detailed paper to DInofest 98, and given the appearance of a new 
Dinofest 2000 web page, I assume that our concept will be available in print 
before the end of the year (sound of fingers crossing). Meanwhile, we have 
some further ruminations that may get put into another paper sometime soon.
-Tom Hopp