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Re: Plundered fossils...

Betty Cunningham wrote:

> how would you know- from the article- that he did not perhaps piss off
> the local Klu Klux Klan on another entirely unrelated matter? and that
> perhaps THEY killed his cats and it was not related to the fossil
> investigation at all?
> We certainly don't have that sort of information from this article.

True, and a very good point!
But I was not (intentionally) suggesting my interpretation of the evidence was 
the only
one, just, in my opinion, the most likely one.  For instance, I also couldn't 
rule out
the possibility that giant green space gerbils from the planet Kleenex were the 
culprits.  However, I have made a logical conclusion from the available 
evidence.  We
know he pissed off fossil thieves, we know he received warnings not to continue 
course of action, and we know that his two dead cats were mysteriously 
deposited on his
doorstep.  The most parsimonious conclusion I can think of, the police would 
think of,
and most people out there would think of,  is the one I gave.  Of course, it 
may not be
provable, but then again, neither is a lot about the dinosaurs we all know and 
love so
dearly : )

Then again, perhaps the article shouldn't have included anything but the 
although being a human interest feature, there is a little more leeway.

If what I said came off sounding like ridicule, I'm very sorry, that's just my
(admittedly sarcastic) sense of humor poking through.  I didn't mean to offend 

Until next time,
Mike D.

PS - I did use the words "fossil" and "dinosaurs" in this message : )