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Re: Plundered fossils...

Hi Michael,

Could you please send me a copy of the article, or where to find it on the
web? I have a sneaking suspician that it is about a friend of mine, and I
seem to have done a mass delete and lost the email that originally started
the discussion on the Dino list.  Been pretty busy with finallization of
my dissertation and writing grants - haven't had much chance to keep up
with my web responsibilities - including reading my email.

If this is about my friend, then he is not paranoid - *severely*
dedicated, yes, but paranoid, no.  Known him for over 20 years. Lots of
money is involved in this issue, on the part of the poachers. He
himself lives pretty simply on his salary, regardless of the outcome. But
a million bucks for a dino skeleton is certainly worth offing a cat or
two, if your the one losing out on the big bucks. Hell, I know grade
school kids who'd do it for having received insults.

Anyway, I'd appreciate the retrograde update on the subject.




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