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RE: Private Collectors....a defence

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>    I would like to point out that Barnum Brown

Brown was an employee of the American Museum from age 24 onward (which in
his case was almost 90!), not a private collector.

> and Sternberg were private
> collectors, they found, excavated and sold vertebrate materials.
> Though most
> of these specimens ended up in large institutions that now serve
> as permanent
> repository, they were collected by private individuals paid only
> through the
> sale of collected material.

I have, in talks and interviews on the subject, often brought the Sternberg
family up as the epitome of private fossil hunters.  However, something that
I would like verified:
Can anyone confirm that the Sternberg's sold vertebrate fossils to private
citizens rather than accredited institutions?  I cannot comfirm this, but if
someone knows better, I'd like to have that information.

I think a modern Sternberg-like institution (either a "field crew for hire"
or a "we'll find the specimens, and let the museums vie for it") might be
very useful.  In particular, the "field crew for hire" model would place a
greater value on the skill and experience of the individuals in question,
rather than focus on the "commoditization" (real word or neologism?) of
fossil material.

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