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Re: to have and to hold

>Alas, I think major museums have little choice but to store some stuff away.
>Maybe someone should research care and maintenance of older jackets? A
>tested maitenence system that would reduce some of the above problems could
>really help curators, I'd think.
>-Sherry Michael 
Has anyone tried air dehumidifiers? I´ve some experience on the effect of
such for military items in long term storage. If You get relative humidity
down into the twenties shelf-life goes up 100-200 % for perishable items
liker rubber or fabrics and corrosion practically stops dead, I should
think it would work the same way for pyrites. This is a reasonably cheap
technique since You can install it in existing storage by using plastic
"tents" around the items to be protected. One dehumidifier can be connected
to several "tents" by hoses.

Tommy Tyrberg