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Re: Prehistoric Sharks

    Mike Everhart asked:  SNIP..."Any ideas why they [DISCOVERY Channel ad] jumped from the truly ancient sharks all the way across the Cretaceous to show Carcharodon  megalodon?"...  
    In the mind of many (but not all) media people, SIZE IS OFTEN ABOUT ALL THAT REALLY MATTERS?  Godzilla (and much film fantasy) aside, such is frequently the direction of  'science'  presentations in the hands of the media.  How many ads do we see that feature Compsognathus, Drinker, or other diminutive dinosaurs? Both promotional people and producers have a penchant to grab an attention-getting 'news handle' and forget (some don't even give a damn) that BIG is only a small (They think LARGE of course.) part of a story, or that the rest of the story holds real significance and interest. 
    My dos centavos worth,
    Ray Stanford