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Re: _Achillobator giganticus_ and homoplasy

>In a message dated 2/12/00 10:57:32 AM EST, nrlongri@midway.uchicago.edu
><< It's the recently named giant dromaeosaur from Mongolia (Perle, Norell,
>and Clark 1999), published in an obscure place in Mongolia. >>
>Do you have a citation? I have heard only that the paper is in preprint form,
>not yet published.

        It was published in Mongolia.
        Pub info is something like:

        Perle, A., Norell, M., and Clark, J. 1999.
        A new maniraptoran Theropod- Achillobator giganticus
(Dromaeosauridae)- from the Upper Cretaceous of Burkhant, Mongolia.
        Contribution no. 101 of the Mongolian-American Paleontological Project.
        pp 1-105

        National University of Mongolia
                Printed in Mongolia 1999

        Contribution published by the Geology and Mineralogy Chair,
National University of Mongolia, is numbered consecutively as important
monograph and appears irregular intervals.


        mistakes are in the original, not mine. Me no fail English- that's
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