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Burpee Museum Out of the Rock Paleo Fest

I just wanted to give you the news on the Burpee Museum's annual Out of the 
Rock Paleo Fest.  This year the fest will be held at the Burpee Museum of 
Natural History in Rockford, Illinois from March 2-5.  Paleontologists Paul 
Sereno and Robert Bakker will be giving lectures (for both children and adults, 
professional and non-professional), as will paleontologists Kirk Johnson, Larry 
Martin, Peter Larson, Ben Waggoner, Tom Guensburg, David Bardack, Virginia 
Naples, and Gabriell Lyon (Mrs. Sereno).

Personally, I think this event is excellent.  I attended last year and had a 
fun weekend.  Not only are there lectures, but dinner talks (with Sereno and 
Bakker), fossil identification, and the grand opening of new exhibits.  

The Burpee Museum itself is a fairly new museum, and last year they added on a 
new, state of the art paleontology wing.  Among other exhibits, this wing 
features a lifesize T. rex cast, a lifesize mammoth cast, a coal forest 
reconstruction, and several Mazon Creek fossils.  

The exhibit is inexpensive and close to home for all of you living in the 

For more information, please check out:

Steve Brusatte
(Burpee Volunteer)
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