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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #132

Do Drs Norell and Clark still intend to publish it in _American Museum Novitates_? It will be a shame if it can't be because the same or similar article (i.e. the same original contribution to knowledge) was earlier published elsewhere (most journals I know of do not allow this). In fact, it will be mighty annoying if the description of _Achillobator_ is confined to the Mongolian journal.

"We wrote an early draft of this paper with Perle with the intention of
publishing it in American Museum Novitates. This manuscript was published in
Mongolia in an extremely preliminary form without the knowledge of the junior
authors, and without a planned comparative analysis. While much of the
primary description represents our cumulative efforts, neither of us
contributed to, or saw, the section labeled "Habits and affinities of
Dromaeosurian Dinosaurs" before publication.

"Mark A. Norell and James M. Clark"

Consider it done.

But, despite the fiasco described in the preceding posts, we do have another
name to add to the Dinosaur Genera List:

Achillobator Perle, Norell & Clark, 1999

as genus #877;

and to the list of Asiatic dinosaur species, we add

Achillobator Perle, Norell & Clark, 1999
    A. giganticus Perle, Norell & Clark, 1999?

This is, I believe, the same dinosaur that I first heard of about eight years
ago (give or take a year) under the unpublished name Achillonychus. The
latter name has not yet been published (and may never be), so it's not a
candidate for the Dinosaur Genera List at this time.

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