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Re: unknown animal ?

> Has anyone on the list heard of S.B.Z. Investments Group , from Nicosia,
> Cyprus ? Particularly a Dr.Oleg V. Pyntikov ? I received an email with a
> zip file attachment from these people , asking if I could identify the
> remains in the photos on the zip file . Haven't opened the zip yet . I'm a
> bit
> suspicious .... why ask a paleoartist to identify fossils , when you have
> paleontologists to do so ? Please reply off-list . Meanwhile , I'm going to
> think about opening the zip file  .
> Regards ,
> Truett Garner

I am sure our noble listowners will be responding soon enough.  This
whole thing sounds about as phony as a $3 bill.  I got one too and sent
it on to the listowners.

I was suspicious for a couple of reasons.  You may be a paleoartist;
that's a lot closer than being a microbiologist!  Dinosaurs are my hobby
-- I don't claim to know much about either fossils or dinosaurs.  And
neither fossils nor dinosaurs can be found on my credentials.

So, this letter says this funny firm in Cyprus is looking for MY
expertise?  Not hardly!!!!!!  A Streptococcus is a long way from a

The other thing that made me suspicious was that my note said, "Dear
Sir."  My ex-husband and my kids will vouch for my not being a "SIR" --
they may or may not debate about the "DEAR" part.

Are these fossil peddlers?  I don't know -- but I sure don't trust them.

Roberta M. Meehan, PhD (but not in any of the paleo-sciences)