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RE: unknown animal ?

Just a brief note - I too have received this message.

        In case anyone who opened the zip file who might be worried about it 
any possible malicious code hidden in the file that might hurt their
computer) - there isn't any, unless it is buried in each of the pictures.  I
opened the files offline, and looked behind the scenes first.

        In terms of Tom's assessment, here's part of what I sent Truett earlier:

        "Some of the pieces seem to be _possibly_ from some real fossil. (Some 
like metatarsal bones or other phalanges).  It is also equally as possible
that the pieces are merely concretions or maybe smoothed pebbles that look a
little bit like bones of an animal.  There is one picture that shows the
bones in someone's idea of what this unknown animal looks like - very, very
unlikely looking.

        My guess is that they have collected people's email addresses from the
Dinosaur Mailing List."

        Hope this allays anyone's fears of problems due to the email.

                Allan Edels