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Re: *Rileyasuchus* and *Patricosaurus*

Paul Zeus wrote:

   Sorry-my sources put *Patricosaurus* in England and *Rileyasuchus* in
just plain Europe (I have a sneaking suspicion it's from Germany, as von
Huene coined the predecessor name *Rileya* [which proved to be
preoccupied and was renamed *Rileyasuchus*])

_Rileyasuchus_ Kuhn 1961, formerly _Rileya_ von Huene, 1902 - renamed because it was preoccupied (Howard, 1888) - type species _R. bristolensis_ (von Huene, 1902). As the species name suggests, it comes from Bristol in England, I think from the same horizon that yielded the _Thecodontosaurus antiquus_ type material. I'm not sure excatly what the type material is, but I've heard it could be a herrerasaurid.

_Patricosaurus merocratus_ Seeley, 1887 - I know nothing about this critter.

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