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Re: *Rileyasuchus* and *Patricosaurus*

I found this in "Dinosaurs of Europe" compiled by George Olshevsky.

Patricosaurus Seeley, 1887 [nomen dubium]
 P. merocratus Seeley, 1887?
NOTE: This genus, based on the proximal end of a femur, is not lacertilian
as originally classified but is probably an indeterminate small theropod (R.
E. Molnar, pers. comm.).


Rileyasuchus Kuhn, 1961 [nomen dubium]
 = Rilaya von Huene, 1914 [sic]
 = Rileya von Huene, 1902/Howard, 1888
 = Rileyia von Huene, 1902 [sic]
 = Rylea Mehl, 1915 [sic]
 R. bristolensis (von Huene, 1902) Kuhn, 1961?
  = Rileya bristolensis von Huene, 1902 [nomen dubium]?
 ?R. stutchburyi (von Huene, 1920) n. comb.*
  = Rileya stutchburyi von Huene, 1920 [nomen dubium]*
  = Rileya stutchburi von Huene, 1920 [nomen dubium]§*
  = Palaeosaurus platyodon Riley & Stutchbury, 1840 non Riley & Stutchbury,
   [nomen dubium]*
  = Rileya platyodon (Riley & Stutchbury, 1840) von Huene, 1908 [nomen
NOTE: This genus is not a phytosaur as usually classified but a primitive
dinosaur (Hunt, 1994). But Riyelasuchus stutchburyi probably represents a
distinct genus of phytosaur.

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> Paul Zeus wrote:
> >    Sorry-my sources put *Patricosaurus* in England and *Rileyasuchus* in
> >just plain Europe (I have a sneaking suspicion it's from Germany, as von
> >Huene coined the predecessor name *Rileya* [which proved to be
> >preoccupied and was renamed *Rileyasuchus*])
> _Rileyasuchus_ Kuhn 1961, formerly _Rileya_ von Huene, 1902 - renamed
> because it was preoccupied (Howard, 1888) - type species _R. bristolensis_
> (von Huene, 1902).  As the species name suggests, it comes from Bristol in
> England, I think from the same horizon that yielded the _Thecodontosaurus
> antiquus_ type material.  I'm not sure excatly what the type material is,
> but I've heard it could be a herrerasaurid.
> _Patricosaurus merocratus_ Seeley, 1887 - I know nothing about this
> Tim
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