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Re: *Rileyasuchus* and *Patricosaurus*

On Wed, 16 Feb 2000 22:15:08 +0000 Paul Zeus <pz8506@bristol.ac.uk>
> Please note I did not say the following:
> > >    Sorry-my sources put *Patricosaurus* in England and 
> *Rileyasuchus* in just plain Europe (I have a sneaking suspicion it's
from Germany, 
> as von Huene coined the predecessor name *Rileya* [which proved to be
> > >preoccupied and was renamed *Rileyasuchus*])
> >
> > _Rileyasuchus_ Kuhn 1961, formerly _Rileya_ von Huene, 1902 - 
> renamed because it was preoccupied (Howard, 1888) - type species _R. 
> bristolensis_ (von Huene, 1902).  As the species name suggests, it
comes from 
> Bristol in England, I think from the same horizon that yielded the 
> _Thecodontosaurus antiquus_ type material.  I'm not sure excatly what
the type 
> material is, but I've heard it could be a herrerasaurid.
> >
> > _Patricosaurus merocratus_ Seeley, 1887 - I know nothing about 
> this critter.
> >
> Justin S Tweet must take the credit for the above.  

  I can't take credit for all of that (though thanks anyway).  Tim
Williams is responsible for the material between  "_Rileyasuchus_ Kuhn,
1961" and "this critter."  I think I must have screwed up somewhere in my
initial reply, and forgot to include a line.

Justin Tweet, *Thescelosaurus*
See "*Thescelosaurus*!": http://personal2.stthomas.edu/jstweet/index.htm

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