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Re: *Rileyasuchus* and *Patricosaurus*

Justin Tweet wrote-

>   I'm seeking information on a couple of obscure critters,
>*Rileyasuchus* and *Patricosaurus*, that I've seen listed as dinosaurs by
>some sources.  Does anyone here have info they can pass along?

Here's what I have in my files:

? Rileyasuchus Kuhn 1961
=Rileya Huene 1902 (preoccupied Howard 1888)
? R. bristolensis (Huene 1902) Kuhn 1961
= Rileya bristolensis Huene 1902
references- von Huene, Friedrich 1908.  On phytosaurian remains from the
Magnesian conglomerate of Bristol (Rileya platyodon).  Ann. Mag. nat. Hist.
I (8) 228-230.
Nopcsa, Ferenc 1928.  The genera of reptiles.  Palaeobiol. 1 163-188.
Camp, Charles Lewis 1930.  A study of the phytosaurs, with description of
new material from North America.  Mem. Univ. Calif. 10 1-174, 49 figs., 7
Huene, Friedrick von 1958.  Gleiche Parasuchier von Braunschweig und
Bristol.  Pal. Zeit. 32 63-66, 4 figs.
Benton, Michael J. 1984.  Small companions for early dinosaurs.  Nature
(London) 307 p. 111-112.
comments- Adrian Hunt notes in his doctoral dissertation that the genera
Rileya and Rileyasuchus (the latter is the replacement name for the former,
preoccupied) are not phytosaurs but are probably primitive dinosaurs such as
herrerasaurians. The material is awfully scrappy, however. (Hunt, 1994).

Patricisaurus Seeley 1887
P. merocratus Seeley 1887
late Albian-Cenomanian, EC-LC
Cambridge Greensand, England
holotype- femur (head 18 mm across)
referred- sacral vertebra (11 mm)
description- The sacral centrum is wider than long anteriorly (11x7), lacks
pleurocoels and has a convex ventral surface.
comments- Molnar (pers. comm. to Olshevsky) considers this a small theropod.

Mickey Mortimer