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Re: Predator Skulls

philodor11 wrote-
So, my question is, does this loosely connected skull indicate that certain predatory dinosaurs (Bakker, though the term seems to include tyrannosaurs, and that's strange; F & W title the section from which the quote was taken Theropods as Living Organisms) were incapable of using their heads as a main weapon in hunting, at least in hunting sizable prey?     
No it doesn't.  I'm sure that most predatory dinosaurs used their jaws as their main weapon.  The skull bones that needed strength (maxillae, dentaries, etc) were built to handle stress.  Tyrannosaurid tooth marks on bones indicate they could bite with plenty of force, and although most other large theropods' skulls weren't built as heavily, I'm sure they were effectively designed for handling stress as well.  As for the smaller theropods with lighter skulls, they were going after smaller prey.  Besides, what else (excepting killer claws on dromaeosaurs, etc.) could theropods use to inflict enough damage to kill their prey?
Mickey Mortimer