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Re: NGS archaeoraptor stuff

>     For Immediate Release
> WASHINGTON-Based on the best scientific information available at press
> NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC reported on the Archaeoraptor fossil in the
> November issue of the magazine.
> Only after the magazine had been published did NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC learn
> about the possibility that the fossil might be a composite. If it is
> a composite, it
> initially escaped detection by a team of scientists that included top
> experts on bird
> origins.
    They also ran an *Archaeoraptor* update on an episode of "Explorer" that
I saw last - was it Saturday? (02/12/00) The segment noted pretty much the
same thing as this article; *Archeoraptor* may have been a fraud, but the
evidence for the bird/dinosaur link remains strong. The rest of the episode
was a repeat of segments on L. Psihoyos, *Jobaria*, etc.

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