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New paleo art book release

For those of you interested in paleo art, Academic Press is about to release
a new hardcover
volume entitled "Dinosaur Imagery" which will include the majority of
original 2 and 3 dimensional dinosaur artworks owned by John Lanzendorf of
Chicago.  If you are unfamiliar with that name, John owns the largest
collection of paleo art in the world, part of which is going on exhibit at
the Field Museum in Chicago in conjunction with the opening of the "Sue"
exhibit and the release of the new Disney dinosaur movie in May. The book
will, I believe will be around 300 pages ( John owns more than 200 bronze
sculptures, 200 paintings / drawings and various other visual dinosaur
paraphenalia ), and will contain written commentaries from a number of
paleontologists and paleo artists ( myself included ).  The price will be
about $50.00 and I imagine will be available in bookstores by the summer or
could be ordered directly from Academic Press.


Mike Skrepnick