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Re: the "Imperator"

--- Buckaroobwana@aol.com wrote:

> Buckaroobwana is back!! Does anybody know if
> anything has been revealed about 
> this new giant T-rex called the imperator? I had
> read that the skull alone is 
> at least 6 feet long and all told, the specimen is
> bigger than any other 
> theropod-including Giganotosaurus. 

If I remember correctly it was determined to be a
deliberate falsification by unscrupulous sellers --
the body of a sperm whale with the head of Robin
Williams -- sold to an enthusiastic "paleontolartist"
(or whatever they assert they should be called these

On a related note, it's also been recently determined
that most of the skeletons attributed to _T. rex_ were
in fact very large geckos.  The largest known
authentic _T rex_ skeleton is actually nine inches

Oh, and _Smilodon fatalis_ dug up truffles with those



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