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R: sinoavisaurus

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Sent: Sunday, February 20, 2000 10:11 PM
Subject: sinoavisaurus

> I saw the mention of Sinoavisaurus in one of these posts. I am very
> to know what it was. Thanks in advance to anybody who will prove
> enlightening

I think you reffered to Soroavisaurus australis an Enanthiornithine
Avisaurids known from a left tarsometatarsus (PVL-3690) and another left
tarsometatarsus, metatarsal 1 with proximal and distal phalanges of digit 1,
and four intermediate phalanges (PVL-4048) previously referred to Avisaurus

The refs are:
Luis M. Chiappe - Enanthiornithine (Aves) Tarsometatarsi from the Cretaceous
Lecho Formation of Northwestern Argentina. pag: 2-27 American Museum
Novitates Num. 3083 December 27, 1993

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