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Re: imperator...I think

--- Buckaroobwana@aol.com wrote:

> Greetings,
> I hope I didn't upset anybody  when I asked about
> this specimen. 

You know, it's just that the obsession with size gets
to be a little tiresome after a while.  Dinosaurs were
interesting animals that came in all shapes and sizes,
and their skeletons give clues to all sorts of
interesting behaviors.  People who see things
differently seem to have a lot invested in _T. rex_ in
particular, seeing it as some sort of talisman of
power, and they're evidently crestfallen by the much
ballyhooed "dethroning" of _T. rex_.  

I'm also very interested in the Rigby _T. rex_ because
it is a new T. rex and apparently several _T. rex_
specimens are at the site, which is pretty cool.  Most
knowledgeable posters here are forthcoming with
answers about this specimen (I've asked too), but
please see that there's a limit to how much a regular
group of list participants, patient though they may
be, will be willing to answer, or even read, the same
group of highly slanted questions:

"No way T. rex was a scavenger.  Right?"
"What's up with that huge new _T. rex_ that's bigger
than _Giganotosaurus_?"


The idea that only one dinosaur is interesting to many
people, and why that is, is, frankly, slightly
depressing.  I mean, is the tiger the only interesting
felid because it is the biggest?  Is a humpback whale
boring or inferior because blue whales are bigger?

This is a pretty grumpy perspective, but, well, there
it is.

> If the Godzila vs Mechagodzilla is the new one made
> in 1993...then you're in 
> for a treat!

It is.  A treat?  I guess ... if you consider having a
railroad spike pounded through your skull with a two
by four to be a "treat."  Pounded in by the blunt end,
that is!



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