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Re: sinoavisaurus

In the original DRAFT copy of the paper "A Downy Dromaeosaur from the Yixian
Formation, Northeastern China" by Xu / Wang / Zhang / Wu, the working name
for the animal was Sinavisaurus and was subsequently changed to
Sinornithosaurus in the published paper. Hopefully this clears up the

Mike Skrepnick

 >> I saw the mention of Sinoavisaurus in one of these posts. I am very
> >> to know what it was. Thanks in advance to anybody who will prove
> >> enlightening
> >
> >I *think* he meant _Sinornithosaurus_.
> No, I meant sinornithoavimimoraptoroidesaurus...
> That's what I meant, yeah, I meant Sinornithosaurus. If you ask me, a some
> of those recent names are too darn long and confusing... a lot of the
> of a name should be that it is somehow easy to keep straight... -N