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megaraptor claw

Hi there.

I am a little bit new to the scene of reconstructions and anatomie of 
skeletons, but willing to learn.
I recently bought a replica of a megaraptor claw found in Argentina, it's a 
fine specimen and just huge!! I do have some questions about it though: at both 
sides of the claw are two deep and long 'curves' and I would like to know where 
they were for, I 
can imaging it were kanals for the blood vessels but in a claw? ofcourse in 
real life on the claw they're would be nail material but still. Another thing I 
am thinking of is a muscle attachement. At the back of the specimen they are 
small vains visible, 
clearly the sign of musscle attachement or bloodvessels.
so any help with learning more about this specimen is welkom, if anyone knows 
where I can finf more info on this would also be a great help.
thanks and hope to hear something soon. 

Anton Eissens
Philips Semiconductors bv
Innovation & Engineering Group (IEG)
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