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Re: ceratopsian forelimbs and the galloping question

there was an article in 1995 about an articulate-limbed Triceratops
named "Raymond".  And here's the informative description of Raymond from
the dino archives:



Martin Brazeau wrote:
> Buckaroobwana wrote:
> >I saw a documentary recently that discussed the controversy over the front
> >legs of ceratopsians. As I understand it, a new articulated specimen was
> >discovered that revealed the true placement of the legs and it showed that
> >horned dinosaurs could indeed gallop. Is this the case? If anybody has
> >firsthand info I would be pleased to see it.
> >                                                         thanks
> >                                                             Buckaroobwana
> Recently I saw a ceratopsian specimen at the Canadian Museum of Nature
> (unfortunately, I do not feel that it is right for me to go into details
> about this specimen. Doing so could lead to conflict with a researcher who I
> do consider to be my friend). The specimen was still in its matrix at the
> time and its posture suggested a sprawling configuration.
> I believe I saw the same documentary and that _Triceratops_ specimen
> appeared to be laying on its side. So, if the animal did have a sprawling
> configuration to its legs, and it were lying on its side, when the flesh
> then decayed, it is likely that the humeri would be forced to rotate under
> the body.
> I don't pretend to be a trained (and experienced) paleontologist, but from
> what I have seen, I don't think that the posture of the fossil animal as it
> appears in its matrix is all that indicative of its posture in life.
> All the best,
> Martin
> Martin Brazeau
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