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Re: Triebold pachy (any pubs?)

I have one reference about "Sandy" the pachycephalosaur. It doesn't
include a detailed description of the specimen, it merely gives an
idea of the "Sandy" site and one it was discovered. The references is:

*Triebold, Michael, 1997. The Sandy Site: Small Dinosaurs from the
Creek Formation of South Dakota. In: Dinofest International,
of a Symposium sponsered by Arizona State University. A Publication of
The Academy of Natural Sciences, edited by Donald L. Wolberg, Edmund
Sump, and Gary D. Rosenberg: 245-248. 

On my site I have also a section about Stygimoloch and the "Sandy"
site, which can be found at:


Note that the information about the specimen is derived from second
hand sources, since no one has officially published a description or
measurements of the specimen.


Nick Snels
PACHYCEPHALOSAURIA: http://www.geocities.com/nick.snels/

Phillip Bigelow wrote:
> The last I heard (1995), Dale Russel was planning to publish on Mike
> Triebold's pachycephalosaur.
> Anybody have any refs?
>                <pb>