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Allan Edels Wrote:

 Having seen _Avaceratops_ many, many times over the last 15+ years (and

knowing Peter Dodson) - I do know that the classification of
as a juvenile should more probably be refined as a sub-adult.  Based on
occipital condyle being nearly completed fused, this indicates that the
animal was nearly fully mature, and as such its features are more likely
be very close to those of the adult form.  Its size is probably 80% of

(Sherry, Josh*, Thom, etc.  -  Can you back me up here?)  :-)

(* of course, he's probably already gone collecting in Egypt...)

Well, I am back now (about six hours ago), but I am not touching the
_Avaceratops_ can of worms with a 10 foot pole that Sherry could be

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