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Yixian Forgeries

> Rather than being just another article about "Archaeoraptor," this one

> discusses a second, and very pertinent, newly-discovered forgery from
> Yixian Formation.

And the sad thing (okay, ONE sad things: there are other sad things
to this as well...) is that some people have used this
"rhamphorhynchoid" as
evidence for the Jurassic age of the Yixian!!

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    Yeah..hey they do....the bastards!

    Hey wait a minute though...what is wrong with using a single
specimen of a poorly studied taxon that is presumed to be
phylogenetically similar to a Jurassic taxon that is also known only
from within the very unit in question as a biostratigraphic age datum
proving a Jurassic age?

I seem to remember that is what they taught in Amherst.  Isn't that what
they taught you at Hopkins?

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