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Re: Triebold pachy (any pubs?)

>  You are of course refering to Sandy, the most
>complete *Pachycephalosaurus*? Found in the Hell
>Creek, this skull and skeleton have apparently been
>ascribed to *Pachycephalosaurus*, though it was
>formerly considered *Stygimoloch* based on the caudal
>squamosal "horns." Triebold and Russell (1995) in the
>15th issue of _JVP_ (suppl. to 3) described the Sandy
>site to some degree. I am unaware, however, of more
>extensive information. Triebold _has_ appeared on TV
>(in Paleoworld, and I think on another program)
>describing the unique neck of this animal and
>dismissing the whole "battering ram" theory.

        What exactly is the neck like then?