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Re: [Fwd: Fw: new virus warning]

Folks, before you share all of your computer virus wisdom, sites and 
fixes, please read:

and specifically Section 8h:

> ... Additionally, list owners may order an immediate shutdown of 
> discussions which arise on subjects which are not germane to the purpose 
> of the list -- dinosaur science. Notable examples of subjects which have no 
> place on the list are cryptozoology, time travel, Planet of the Apes, and 
> random computer virus alerts, among others. List members will be expected 
> to recognize these calls for cessation of discussion (i.e. Mickey Rowe or 
> Mary Kirkaldy will unambiguously post that this thread is not to be 
> Disciplinary action may be taken against list members who continue to 
> post on these subjects, whether or not 24 hours has passed. Similarly, 
> discussion on whether the subject should be allowed is to be sent to the 
> list owners and not to the list.

Potential virus alert posters on the dinosaur list--you have been warned!
Virus alerts do not belong on this list, commentary included.  _Do not
pursue this thread._

Mary Kirkaldy
Dinosaur Mailing List Co-owner