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RE: Triebold pachy (any pubs?)

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Phillip Bigelow wrote:

<The last I heard (1995), Dale Russel was planning to
publish on Mike Triebold's pachycephalosaur. Anybody
have any refs?>

  You are of course refering to Sandy, the most
complete *Pachycephalosaurus*? Found in the Hell
Creek, this skull and skeleton have apparently been
ascribed to *Pachycephalosaurus*, though it was
formerly considered *Stygimoloch* based on the caudal
squamosal "horns." Triebold and Russell (1995) in the
15th issue of _JVP_ (suppl. to 3) described the Sandy
site to some degree. I am unaware, however, of more
extensive information. Triebold _has_ appeared on TV
(in Paleoworld, and I think on another program)
describing the unique neck of this animal and
dismissing the whole "battering ram" theory.

Well, it's not the most complete skull, it's missing the dome. Mike found
three kinds of domes, a Pachycephalosaurus, a Stygimoloch and a new genus.
He used the Pachycephalosaurus dome, I don't think he used the right one.