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Dino Dermals

I'm new to the list, but one or two members might recognize me from questions I've sent them in the past.
Some of this might be familiar territory, and I apologize if it is, but there are a few things about dinosaur skin impressions I'm not sure of.
1. What, exactly, do we know of Pelecanimimus? I've heard reports that the impressions found show it had nothing in the way of feathers, scales, etc., that the impressions were only of the lower layers of the skin and didn't give clues to its external appearance, or that nothing but muscle fibers were preserved.
2. How sure are we that the imressions associated with tyrannosaur remains aren't from hadrosaurs? It's often described as similar to hadro skin, and I was wondering if a comparison has ever been done.
3. I've heard reports in the past of dewlaps found both on a Maiasaura fossil and a tarbosaur. Does anyone know more?
4. On the subject of external appearances, has the status of the "hook-nosed" Oviraptor skull changed any? What's the probability of it being a female O. philoceratops, a new species, or just a damaged specimen? Also, is skull material known from Nomingis?

Well, thank you for your time, and I'm sorry if I'm beating a dead hyracothere, but these were some things I'm not clear on. Thanks!
M. Nalasco
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