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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #133

Just a brief note to mention that correspondent Graeme Worth discovered that 
the Dinosaur Genera List doesn't contain the genus Lewisuchus. This genus was 
described in 1972 as a thecodontian and had a brief life as a very primitive 
theropod dinosaur in (if memory serves me) Greg Paul's Predatory Dinosaurs of 
the World. This makes it fair game for the List, so add as genus #878:

Lewisuchus Romer, 1972*

The asterisk denotes it as presently considered to be non-dinosaurian. Just 
what kind of non-dinosaurian archosaur it is remains unclear, as far as I 

Also add to the list of South American dinosaur species the corresponding 

Lewisuchus Romer, 1972*
    L. admixtus Romer, 1972?

The Dinosaur Genera List is located at this website:


One of these days, as time permits (which it hasn't for a couple of years 
now) I'm going to revamp the website. Meanwhile, it enjoys an average of 30 
hits per day. Glad to see it's still useful to some people.