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Re: Dino Dermals

>> On the subject of external appearances, has the status of the
"hook-nosed" Oviraptor skull changed any? What's the probability of it being
a female O. philoceratops, a new species, or just a damaged specimen? Also,
is skull material known from Nomingis?<<

I do not know about possible sexual dimorphism (although I bet Jaime Headden has
something to say on the subject), but I do have some relevant data about the
appearance, specifically the beak of Oviraptor and its kin, in the form of a
Toby White's Oviraptorosauria Notes (part of the Vertebrate Notes) states that
the beaks of oviraptorosaurs may have been quite differently shaped from the
underlying bone.  The idea is intriguing, but I won't bias the reader further.