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Hey guys and gals,

   Would there be any magazines that are strictly about
dinosaurs/paleontology? I heard of the JVP, but I also heard it takes alot to
get a subscription and its rather expensive, so that's a little out of the
question. I have a bunch of back issues of Earth magazine that I've never
read, and those seem to have something in each one, but, I was wondering if
there's one STRICTLY devoted (and a good, professional one, nothing like the
Dino-Times [which I used to subscribe to and had a page entirely published on
me once, really cool, but I was like 12 so not really]).
   Also, I was wondering about how long was the teeth from a
Charcharodontosaurus? I got a real tooth for Christmas and it doesn't seem
like it would be the full length. just curious.

                                      Caleb Lewis

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