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Re: Triebold pachy (any pubs?)

Could head-butting have been sex-linked in pachycephalosaurs ? If the males did it and the females didn't, the females would not have needed a thick supporting neck structure. -- Jeff Hecht

Nick Snels wrote
But I think one should make a distinction between the various pachy
specimens. It could very well be that animals like Pachycephalosaurus
or Stegoceras had quite robust necks, since they used their heads as a
ram. The necks of the flat-headed pachy's, like Homalocephale and
Goyocephale, could be much less robust, since they used to push each
others head or flank. And Stygimoloch fully relied on its massive
horns at the back of his head to avoid collisions with another male.
That's maybe the explanation for his small dome and his "fragile"