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some of the parrots are carnivourous though (or at least omnivorous and
feed off live sheep)-I'm thinking of those New Zealand Keas (not the
cars silly though I've heard these ALSO eat cars) 

Would the beak of a kea be moe analagous than a herbivorous parrot?

-Betty Cunningham

darren.naish@port.ac.uk wrote:
> A few comments on Nick's recent post. Nick wrote...

> Nick also drew attention to possible analogy between dicynodonts and
> oviraptorosaurs. WRT this, I think it's interesting that Sues and
> Reisz (1998) suggested that some dicynodonts could have been
> omnivores or carnivores: that they are beaked and relatively
> graviportal does not prove that they were herbivores.

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