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PALEONEWS:China to Build First Dinosaur Park in Yunnan

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China to Build First Dinosaur Park in Yunnan

"Chuanjie has now passed Utah in the United States and Zigong in
southwest China's Sichuan Province to become the largest burial ground
of dinosaurs in the world," he said. 

During the recent excavation, Chinese archeologists unearthed fossils of
eight dinosaurs, which lay crisscross over a 220-square- meter area of
mountain slope in Chuanjie. A 20-meter long carnivore was found on top
of a seven-meter-long herbivore -- the natural enemy of the carnivore. 

"It is rare that the two kinds of dinosaurs died together," said Pan
Shigang, an official with the Lufeng Dinosaur Museum. 

The burial ground shows obvious signs of being a lake in ancient times,
Pan said, and so the dinosaurs were likely washed together by the water
after they died or were killed during dinosaur attacks. 

Thus far, 120 dinosaurs dating back to the early or middle Jurassic
Period have been excavated in Lufeng County. 

"It is unprecedented in both China and elsewhere in the world that
dinosaurs of the early and middle Jurassic Period were found in the same
region," said Fang Xiaosi, a researcher with the China Geology Museum. 

"The new discovery is of vital importance to the study of the evolution
and migration of dinosaur in both the early Jurassic period and middle
Jurassic Period," Professor Dong Zhiming said. 

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