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Jerry D. Harris wrote:

        Maybe not an AK-47 (they hadn't evolved yet), but at least some
rope.  Clearly this is another example of the peaceful sauropod
_Lilliputia_ against the terror of the theropod _Gulliversaurus_.

_Lilliputia_ and _Gulliversaurus_ are currently nomina nuda. Jerry, you know better than to mention them on this list!!!

Well, now that Jerry's spilled the beans (*sigh*), these two genera are the newest fossils to be uncovered from China (and due to be featured in next month's _National Geographic Magazine_). _Gulliversaurus_ has the head of Ted Danson and the body of T-rex.

_Lilliputia_ is even more curious; I think it could be the missing link between Godzilla and Fred Flinstone's pet Dino.

Stay tuned!


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