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Dinotopia Details - Warning, Spoilers

Dinotopia TV Story
An immense amount of story details have come to light
about Robert Halmi/Hallmarks upcoming Dinotopia ABC
miniseries, based on the popular books by James Gurney.
As luck would have, Cinescapes Keith Herber managed to
snag a summary of what looks to be the whole story of the
coming series while at NAPTE 2000 in New Orleans. 

You've been warned that what lies here may be
spoiler-packed. Heres what the promotional material for the
program reveals:

The lavish epic begins with dinosaurs back to life  talking,
flying and battling in a fantasy that puts the fate of their
world in the hands of two different brothers.

Conservative Dave and rebellious Karl go to Antigua to help
their father, Frank, celebrate his birthday. During a freak
storm, their plane crashes into the ocean. Karl is helpless to
save Frank, who sinks out of his grasp into the depths.

The boys end up on a mist-enshrouded island full of peculiar
plants and animals. Its ruled by talking dinosaurs of every
description whove built a peace-loving "Dinotopian" society
with humans. David embraces this new world, but Karl just
wants to leave. Both boys fall in love with the beautiful,
headstrong Marion, the daughter of the mayor of Waterfall
City, the islands capital.

After David and Karl have a fight and plummet over a huge
waterfall, Marion and a lovable dinosaur named Zippo track
them down to a creepy abandoned temple. The place is a
gateway to a lost underworld that holds the secrets of the
Dinotopian civilization.

The group then goes to a training center called Treetown
where humans live in baskets suspended above the forest
floor. After a thrilling ceremony where dinosaurs shake the
ground with their thunderous footsteps, Karl is sent top work
at a dinosaur hatchery. David is sent to Canyon City, which
is perched on the dizzying top of a huge cliff. Then he trains
to ride skybax, intuitive flying dinosaurs. Marion studies a
group of dangerous pteranodons that dwell in the valley far
below the school.

In his final flight test, David jumps on a white pteranodon
and rides it to the valley floor where he glimpses a vast
wasteland of bones in the underworld. He returns to the
cheers of the assembled crowd, but he and Karl are thrown
into a spiral when an evil pirate named Crabb shows up with
Franks cell phone. He tells them that Frank is alive.

The boys take off to find their father in the underworld. They
try to reach one gate, but barely escape with their lives from
a group of angry pteranodons. When they return, they are
arrested for violating Dinotopian rules. Marion manages to
break them out of jail, and they all escape the city through a
cargo chute.

Downriver, theres a seedy society of outlaws who do not buy
into the ideals of Dinotopia. Crabb appears and offers the
boys a ride in his antique submarine. After surviving a
harrowing attack by a giant black fish, the three end up in
an underwater cave. They find Frank, disheveled and
strange after two years alone in the darkness. He shows
David and Karl the magnificent remnants of the city of
Posiedos and a cavern filled with glittering sunstones 
rocks that protect the entire island from harm. Crabb tries to
take the sunstones and leave the others behind, but he is
eaten by the giant fish.

Meanwhile, the sunstones on the surface have failed. The
pteranodons break loose and sweep over Dinotopia,
destroying everything in their path. They reach the very edge
of Waterfall City and everyone gathers for a miracle. David,
Karl and Frank swim up from the cave through a tunnel
escorted by speckled dolphins and end up in a pool in the
center of town. But Karl seems to have drowned. Realizing
how much he loves his brother, David fights mightily and
revives him while Zippo grabs a special sunstone Marion had
given to the brothers. He puts it in the place of the dead
sunstone that had guarded the city. Marions stone comes to
life, lighting up the sky in brilliant color. The pteranodons
flee and Dinotopia is saved. 

David and Karl have finally found their place among the
dinosaurs, in a magical world beyond their wildest dreams.