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RE: Suchomimus Photos Posted Online

On Fri, 30 Jun 2000 14:59:50  
 Martin Human wrote:
>Dinogeorge wrote:
>>Oddly enough, there was a crocodile called Sarcosuchus imperator that was a
>contemporary or near-contemporary of Suchomimus. It had a larger skull and 
>was probably longer and heavier than Suchomimus, too. Luis Rey has done a 
>nice painting of a big Sarcosuchus chasing a Suchomimus out of the water.
>Yes, it would seem a risky strategy to stand *in* the water, and yet I find
>it difficult to imagine how Suchomimus could obtain enough fish simply by
>waiting "on the riverbank" as it were. Hence my curiosity as to how it would
>even get the chance to evolve.
>Stretching the bounds of reason, are we *sure* it was after fish? What
>about, say, large snakes?

Hmmm....your question about how Suchomimus would get a chance to evolve is a 
good one.  So is your inquiry into how it would catch enough fish to live.  
But, your second question can likely be answered fairly easily.

Believe it or not, the meat from one Brachiosaurus 'teenager' would have been 
more than enough to feed on Allosaur for an entire year (not to mention the 
larger T. rex if it was living when Brachiosaurus was alive).  

Furthermore, I recall a short humorous blurb in the Complete Dinosaur, written 
by Brett-Surman and Farlow, about how many lawyers it would take to feed a T. 
rex for an entire year.  If rex was an endotherm, it would take 292 lawyers.  
If he was an ectotherm, the number would be 73.  

What I'm trying to say is that Suchomimus would not need to kill that many fish 
to keep its energy level up.  These fish were likely 7-10 feet long and weighed 
several hundred pounds.  Just estimating, based on Farlow and Brett-Surman's 
lawyer estimates, it would take probably about 200-210 fish for an endothermic 
Suchomimus and 60-65 fish for an ecothermic Suchomimus.  This means that 
Suchomimus wouldn't even need to hunt every day, much less live in the water.  

Who knows, though, this could all be meaningless.  After all, lawyer meat is 
not very nutritious!


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