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Re: natatory Geochelone

> Yeah, I've read about that too. Would it be possible that this is because

> these animals got somehow swept out to sea, and then died of starvation,
> the middle of the ocean. Their bodies would swell, and then burst,
> no buoyancy. The animal would sink and tip over onto it's back (presuming

> that the back is heavier due to the armor plating, and the lack of 
> flotation, since the guts have sank and rotted). Thus, you would end up
> an ankylosaur on it's back in a marine layer.
> Now, if I could explain how the anky got washed out to sea in the first 
> place...
> Peace,
> Rob
> AIM: TarryAGoat

A fairly number of ankylosaurids found in marine deposits were likely
washed out to sea as a corpse. I suspect that some were indeed swimming and
for whatever reason , died in the process . What is needed is a fossil
ankylosaurid to be found in a non-marine area with a moasasaur (or other
marine predator) tooth imbedded in it. I think such a find would clear-up
the questions about ankylosaurid swimming ability (not to mention being an
absolutely phenomenal find !).
Regards , 
Truett Garner