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Re: Feasting on large dead animals... Re: Suchomimus Photos Posted Online

It's a good point, actually, and one I hadn't considered.

Nonetheless, in the future, I'll accompany you to the butcher's shop before I
have steak for dinner at your house. Especially if you only spend 2 cents on





>  Bears and dogs hide
> or bury food for the same reason.
> Have you seen some of the stuff your dog will eat?
> Hyenas , Lions and old Rover will eat some pretty ripe items , not to
> mention vultures . I seriously doubt theropods would pass on a free meal,
> regardless of how ripe it was . And who's going to chase an ill-tempered ,
> 6 ton, very hungry T.rex from a week-old , ripe, died-of-old age
> Triceratops?
> My 2 cents,
> Truett Garner

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