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Re: Non-serpentine lacertids (was RE:WHAT'S GOING ON?)

On Mon, 3 Jul 2000 Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 7/3/00 2:41:29 PM EST, tmk@dinosauricon.com writes:
> << Why should it be cut at Aves? Why are the distinctions between
>  _Archaeopteryx_ and basal Eumaniraptora more important than the
>  distinctions between basal Maniraptoriformes and basal Coelurosauria? Or
>  between basal Ornithodira and basal Archosauria? Or between basal
>  Neornithes and basal Carinatae? >>
>  Why are you answering a question with another question?

Why can't that be a valid way of making a point? :)

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